Subordinating Conjunctions

After After I received your email, I asked my team to expedite your work.
Although Although she didn’t ask for it, I gave her a leave considering her health.
As I am ordering chicken soup, as I am not feeling well.
As soon as I will call you as soon as I finish my work.
Because I couldn’t eat the cake because it was too sweet.
Before Stop playing with this broken racket, before someone gets hurt.
By the time By the time we reached the venue, the performance had already started.
Even if I will complete this work by Monday, even if it means working during the weekend.
Even though Ram worked with full dedication, even though he didn’t get paid for it.
Every time Every time someone walked in, I thought it was you.
If If you think I am wrong, you can check the documents.
In case I brought a bottle of water, just in case we feel thirty on the way.
Now that Now that we all have understood this fully, let’s start work immediately.
Once Once you start doing yoga, you realize that you have never felt more energetic.
Since Since you always wake up early, why don’t you come and pick me up tomorrow.
So that Let’s finish this work by Friday, so that we can enjoy the weekend.
The first time The first time I started doing this work, I thought it was easy.
Unless Don’t disturb me unless it’s really urgent.
Until I can’t complete my work until the power comes back.
When My mother had just finished cooking, when you all came in.
Whenever Whenever I want to take a leave, some important meeting comes up.
Whether or not Can you please check whether or not they are joining the meeting?
While The kids decided to paint the walls, while the mother was busy working in the other room.
Why I understand now, why it is so important for you to complete this work by Monday.