Semi colon

Semi colon  ; .

When to use ‘Semi colon’.

1. When connecting two independent sentences or clauses – which are related by way of thought or idea, then using a semicolon – helps to separate the two sentences or clauses.

For example.

  • We need to keep everything ready; the client can ask for details anytime.
  • Your papers are ready; you can collect them anytime.

2. When joining two or more lists containing commas, using a semicolon helps to separate the two lists.

For example.

  • We need tennis balls – 10 red, 5 green and 1 blue; tennis rackets – 5 red, 2 green and 1 blue; and large size T-shirts – 10 red, 10 green and 5 blue.
  • The competing teams are – Team A: Simi, Ravi and Geeta; Team B: Tanya, Abhinav and Prakash; and Team E: Sam, Gaurav and Rohit.

3. When connecting two sentences – where the second sentence begins with adverbs like therefore, namely, besides, however, etc.

For example –  .

  • The forecast says there will be heavy rain for two days, which will make driving unsafe; therefore, we have cancelled our trip.
  • Work timings are from 9 to 5; however, the office remains open till 8.