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When to use — ‘Reply all .

Click on ‘reply all’ when you want to send a reply to the sender – AND – the people who were marked a carbon copy earlier (the people whose email addresses were mentioned in the ‘cc’ field)

For example – if the client clicks on ‘reply all’, then the email will be received by you and your colleagues because their email addresses were mentioned in the ‘cc’ field.

Client’s INBOX .
Received message .
From: You (
To: Client (
Cc: Simi (, Ravi (
Date: 01/01/2015 .

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When a person who was marked ‘cc’ in the original email, clicks on ‘reply all’ – then the email address of the direct recipient of the original email (to) automatically gets entered in the ‘cc’ field in the new reply email.

For example – if Ravi or Simi click on ‘reply all’, then the client’s email address will automatically get entered into the ‘cc’ field in the reply email.

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