When to use – Reply .

Click on ‘reply’ when you want to send a reply email only to the sender (the person whose email address is mentioned in the ‘from’ field)

When you click on reply, the email address from the ‘from’ field automatically gets entered into the ‘to’ field in the reply email.

For example – if the client reads your email and clicks on reply, then the email will be received only by you (because your email was in the ‘from’ field)

Client’s INBOX .
Received message .
From: You (
To: Client (
Cc: Simi (, Ravi (
Date: 01/01/2015 .


Similarly, if Ravi, Simi, Amit or Natasha click on ‘reply’ then your email address will automatically be entered in the ‘to’ field, and their reply email will be received only by you.

Reply - Copy

Reply - Copy - Copy