Reference Notes

You can make your communication more ‘CLEAR‘ by framing – ‘a Perfect VERB PIECE‘ – that indicates –

‘the correct Time, Continuation or Completeness – of the Action/State of Being – of the Subject’


If you want to tell –

Something about the Subject’s IDENTITY.

I am a smart executive.

I was a smart executive.

I will be a smart executive.

I have been a smart executive.

Something about what the Subject has / possesses.

I have that file.

I had that file.

I will have that file.

I have had your project file for a long time.

Something about an action of the Subject.

I learn.

I used to learn.

I am learning.

I was learning.

I have been learning.

I had been learning

I have learnt.

I had learnt.

I will learn.

I will be learning.

Something about the Subject’s state/condition/quality.

I am happy.

I was happy.

I will be happy.

I have been happy.

Some other details about the Subject.

I am at home.

I was at home.

I will be at home.

I have been at home.

I had been at home.

I will have been at home.