Reference Notes

You can make your communication more ‘SPECIFIC’ by framing –

 ‘a Perfect Noun Piece’

That specifies – ‘EXACTLY  Who or What – you are talking about’


 Who/What exactly are you talking about?

Use the correct Determiner


Any one doctor?

A doctor

A particular doctor?

The doctor

Doctors in general?


How many doctors are you talking about?

Four doctors


Some doctors


Most doctors


All doctors


Every doctor


Which doctor/s?

Add a Pronoun, if required (to be more specific)


That doctor


Those doctors


This doctor


These doctors


Our doctor


Who exactly?

Add an adjective, if required (to be more specific)


Indian doctors


A new doctor


The old doctor


Four fake doctors


Some honest doctors


Our family doctor


Can you be more specific?

Add an adverb, if required (to be more specific)


Most Indian doctors


Only Indian doctors


A completely new doctor


Some really honest doctors


Almost every doctor


Do you need to be even more specific?

Add a relative pronoun + sentence 2 with more information


All Indian doctors, who get paid well,


A completely new doctor, who hasn’t had any experience yet,


Some really honest doctors, who don’t care about the money,


Almost every doctor, who loves his/her work,