Prepositions for ‘POSITION’

In front of He is standing in front of my building.
behind She sits behind me in class.
Opposite I have parked my car opposite yours.
Across You have to swim across the river to reach his village.
by He lives by my house.
near Is this place near the Grand Mall?
among My son is working among the best in the industry.
between Let me sit between you and him.
beside Can I sit beside you?
next to I am sitting next to a famous actor.
inside I have kept it inside your bag.
outside Ajay is standing outside your house.
Below Your name is written below mine in the attendance sheet.
beneath Many evolution secrets are buried beneath the surface of the earth.
under The pen has fallen under the table.
above His pay grade is above mine.
over The cat jumped over my head.
on top of The smallest book is kept on top of the pile.