What are prepositions?

Prepositions are words that explain – how an ‘object’ is related – to the Subject or to other objects.

Examples .

  • The baby is in the car.
  • Apples are on the table.
  • The car is parked outside the gate.

What are the different types of Prepositions?

The different types of prepositions are – .

Regular Prepositions . – like – .

In, On, During, Above, Below, Before, After, For, From, To, etc. And

Phrasal Prepositions .are  like – .

Instead of, Because of, According to, On behalf of, For the sake of, Away from, In case of, etc. Now.

What is the purpose of using prepositions?

The purpose of using prepositions is – to meaningfully – link an object – to the sentence, in order to complete the information that you want to give.

Examples .

  • He is working from home.
  • They are going for a movie.
  • I exercise in the morning.

How are Prepositions used in sentences?

Prepositions are used based on – the ‘type of detail’ – we want to add.

Type of detail – Place .

Examples  – .

  • I am at home.
  • The keys are on the table.
  • He is in Bangalore right now.
  • There is a park between the two houses.

Type of detail – Time.


  • I will leave before they reach.
  • The meeting is at 9 am.
  • I ate the medicine in the morning.
  • They will complete the project by Monday.

Type of detail – Direction.


  • They are walking towards the river.
  • I went to your house yesterday.
  • We need to go through the jungle.
  • They will drive into the city at night.

Type of detail – Agent or Instrument.

Examples .

  • The building was destroyed by the storm.
  • I heard the news through a friend.
  • You can impress the judges with your talent.

Type of detail – Movement .


  • He went out of the room.
  • The monkey jumped onto another tree.
  • It fell off the table.

Type of detail – Cause, Reason or Purpose.

Examples .

  • People work hard for their families.
  • They went back because of the rains.
  • Many villagers die of hunger.