What are Nouns?

NOUNS are names!  Names of any person, place or thing.

Examples – .

Rohan, Man, Doctor, Forest, Desert, Sahara, Communication, Science, Confidence. –  All these are Nouns.

There are two main types of Nouns – .

Common Nouns, and  Proper Nouns.


Common Nouns are ‘common names’ that are used to indicate. – any and every member of a particular group, class or category.

For example .

  • Man .
  • Book .
  • Doctor .
  • Country .
  • Desert .
  • Name .
  • Dog, etc.

All these are common names given to. a particular category of people, places or things.


Proper Nouns are specific names that are used to indicate. – a particular person, place or thing.

For example .

  • Richard .
  • Harry Potter .
  • India .
  • The Sahara Desert .
  • Dr. Rajesh .
  • Football .
  • Tommy, etc.

All these are particular names given to – individual people, places or things.

Nouns are divided into two more categories, based on whether they can be counted or not.

Countable Nouns. and, Uncountable Nouns.

COUNTABLE NOUNS – are the nouns that can be counted; and they have two forms – .

Singular – which is the word used for a single person, place or thing.  And –

Plural – which is the word used for more than one person, places or things.

Examples .

  • Tree – Trees .
  • Company – Companies .
  • Man – Men .
  • Person – People .
  • Process – Processes .
  • Business – Businesses, etc.

In the above examples, the first word – is the singular form of the noun and the second word is the plural form of the same noun.

UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS – are the nouns that cannot be counted. And they have only one form.


  • Water .
  • Ash .
  • Air .
  • Advice .
  • Space, etc.

What is the purpose of Nouns in a sentence?

The purpose of nouns is to indicate.‘who, or, what’ we are talking about!

For example – You, Me, Us, Online Course, Communication, People, Participants, Nature, Love, Happiness, Success, Process, Imagination, etc.

How are  Nouns used in a sentence?

In a sentence, nouns are used as – ‘Subjects’ and ‘Objects’.

SUBJECT – is the main person, place or thing – that the sentence is about.

OBJECT – is the supporting person, place or thing – that is a part of the information that we want to tell about the Subject.

Let’s use an example .

Sarah is talking on the phone with Richard.

In this sentence, Sarah, phone and Richard – all three words are nouns. But,

Sarah – is the Subjectbecause – the sentence is about ‘Sarah’. And –

Phone & Richard – both of these nouns are Objectsbecause they are a part of the information you are giving about Sarah.