Hyphen  Р.

When to use ‘Hyphen’ – .

1. When you want to combine two or more words – to form a compound word with a more specific meaning, then the words are joined using hyphens.

For example .

  • He is a super-quick learner.
  • They are always well-dressed.
  • She pre-heated the oven.
  • This is a very carefully-designed piece.
  • They have a six-months-old baby.
  • These are some very-important issues.

2. When writing on paper, and there is no space left to complete a word at the end of a line, then we add a hyphen – to indicate that this word is not complete, and the remaining part of the word is in the next line.

For example .

  • I like working on these highly im-
    -portant issues.
  • You need to prepare a presentation by tom-