Dear (FORMAL) 

‘Dear’ is the most commonly used salutation for formal emails. It can be used in the following ways – .

1. Dear (first name)

Examples – Dear Simi, Dear Ravi, Dear Amit, etc.

2. Dear Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, or Doctor – followed by surname .

Examples – Dear Mr. Chopra, Dear Mrs. Chopra, Dear Ms. Benson, Dear Miss Carol, Dear Dr.Grover, etc.

3. Dear (Sir,  Madam – or – Sir / Madam)

Dear Sir, .– when writing to a man but you don’t know his name.

Dear Madam – or – Dear Ma’am, .– when writing to a woman but you don’t know her name.

Dear Sir/Ma’am, .– when you don’t know the name and you also don’t know – whether that person is a man or a woman.

4. Dear (full name) – when you know the name – but you don’t know whether that person is a man or a woman.

Examples .– Dear Shakti Singh,  Dear Sammy Brandon,  Dear Anmol Mehta, etc.

5. Dear (name-1 and name-2) – when writing an email to two people.

Examples .– Dear Simi and Ravi,  Dear Mr. Chopra and Mrs. Chopra, Dear  Mr. Mehta and Mr. Chopra, etc.

6. Dear (general name) – when you are sending a common email to a group of people.

Examples .– Dear Reader,  Dear student,  Dear team,  Dear applicant,  Dear customer,  etc.