Conjunctive Adverbs

Accordingly The government has declared a holiday tomorrow. Accordingly, the office will be closed tomorrow.
Also Simran is following a special diet for weight loss. Also, she has joined a gym.
Anyway It was a holiday yesterday. But I went to office anyway.
Besides I enjoy cooking for other people. Besides, I love their compliments.
Certainly They hired you even though you were dressed poorly. Certainly, your skills impressed them.
Consequently It has been raining continuously since morning. Consequently, the game has been cancelled.
Conversely Over-confidence can make you spoil the opportunity. Conversely, under-confidence can make you miss the opportunity.
Finally Everyone has worked very hard on this project. Finally, it has come to a successful completion.
Furthermore Abhishek reached late for the meeting. Furthermore, he left his file at home by mistake.
Hence All the team members respect Susan’s experience and wisdom. Hence, they have chosen her to be their leader.
However We wanted to go to Manali for this vacation. However, the route has been blocked due to bad weather.
Incidentally Ajay is really unwell, so he has taken a leave today. Incidentally, the boss didn’t have any work for him today.
Indeed Shreya makes sure that all her students understand everything. She is a very good teacher indeed.
Instead I ordered a cold coffee. But, they served hot coffee instead.
Likewise A good leader is always professional and always focussed; their teams are expected to behave likewise.
Meanwhile Everyone has been busy preparing for the interviews. Meanwhile, Rohan is busy playing video games.
Moreover Being a professional food critic pays you well. Moreover, you get to eat different food at the best restaurants.
Next I have just finished reading ‘The Alchemist’. Next, I’ll be reading ‘The Tipping Point.’
Nevertheless Our team lacked experience. Nevertheless, we won the game because the other team lacked coordination
Otherwise There was a lot of traffic on the road. Otherwise, I would have reached sooner.
Similarly Most engineers’ kids become engineers. Similarly, most doctors’ kids become doctors.
Specifically I liked their performance. Specifically, I liked how coordinated they were.
Still I wasn’t feeling well; still, I completed all my work.
Therefore Out of all the restaurants that we have tried, ‘Zaica’ has the best food and a great ambience. Therefore, we have decided to host our party there.