ColonĀ  : .

When to use ‘Colon’ – .

1. Add a colon after a sentence – when it is followed by a sentence that explains or completes – the idea or thought started by the first sentence.

For example .

  • I remember the names: Amit, Ridhima and Shivam.
  • He just got a new haircut: the army cut.

2. Add a colon before mentioning a list.

For example .

  • Please attach the following documents:
    1. Updated CV .
    2. Recent photograph .
    3. University degree .
    4. Any other certificate .
  • I want: a cheese burger, a coke and a packet of lays.

3. Add a colon when you want the reader to pay attention to what comes next (after the colon)

For example .

  • Example:
  • Note:

4. Add colon when using direct speech format of writing, or, before mentioning quotations.

For example .

  • My mom said: “I am proud of you!”
  • There is a famous saying: “What goes around, comes around.”