Capitalization rules

Capitalization rules .

1. ‘I’ is always capitalized in a sentence, irrespective of its position.

Examples .

  • I have been selected.
  • She said that I should call her after the seminar.

2. The first letter of the first word of every sentence is always capitalized.

Examples .

  • Here comes the great king!
  • Who is the current Prime Minister?

3. The first letter of every word in a person’s name is always capitalized.

Examples .

  • My boss’s name is Harshita Das.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar is the CEO of that company.

4. The first letter of most proper nouns is capitalized.

Examples .

  • He has bought a new Mercedes.
  • I have a Neem tree in my backyard.

5. In the names of organizations, groups, countries etc. which consist of more than one word – every noun word in the name is capitalized.

Examples .

  • The United States of America.
  • The Times of India.