Being specific

When writing an email, it is very important to be specific about necessary details; because – unlike oral communication, clarifying doubts or requesting more information through exchange of emails – can be very time consuming. Moreover, it would seem highly unprofessional; especially when the confusion could have been avoided – by writing a more effective email in the first place.

How to be more specific?

To make your email more specific, make sure that you clearly mention every particular detail that the receiver might need – to understand your message correctly, and to be able to take the next action step immediately (without the need of any further clarification)

Depending on the message, the kind of details that you need to specify are –.

  • Date .
  • Time .
  • Venue .
  • Address .
  • Amount .
  • Names of relevant people .
  • Name of the project .
  • Name of the document .