Adverbs that describe ‘a place’ – (Where?)

Above Please refer to the clause highlighted above.
Abroad My cousin has gone abroad for two years.
Anywhere We can go anywhere you want.
Away Let’s go away for this weekend.
Back I need to get back to work.
Backwards Why are you walking backwards?
Behind Some of the students are lagging behind.
Below The points mentioned below need to be read very carefully.
Down Some of the clothes fell down the balcony.
Downstairs I am going downstairs to have dinner.
Elsewhere Your phone is not here; you need to look elsewhere.
Far Your house is very far.
Here Come here; look at this notice on the board.
In Why don’t you come in and have some tea?
Indoors We like staying indoors during summer.
Inside I have kept all the chairs inside.
Nearby There is a new coffee shop nearby, let’s check it out.
Off He just ran off.
Out Don’t go out until I’m back.
Outside It’s raining outside.
Over Why don’t you come over for lunch?
There Look there, the birds are flying in a pattern.
Up Always look up.
Upstairs My room is upstairs.