Adverbs that describe ‘a manner of doing something’

Angrily Why are you sitting here so angrily?
Anxiously I am anxiously waiting for them.
Awkwardly He is walking awkwardly.
Badly They are behaving very badly.
Beautifully You have decorated your house beautifully.
Calmly I am sitting here very calmly.
Carefully We should always cross the road carefully.
Carelessly Don’t play so carelessly.
Cautiously They are making every move very cautiously.
Cheerfully The kids are screaming cheerfully.
Clearly She clearly said not to disturb her.
Closely They are closely watching your every move.
Correctly You are doing this correctly.
Deliberately Nikhil deliberately came late for the meeting.
Eagerly I am eagerly waiting for my birthday.
Easily This can be easily done.
Enthusiastically My friends are enthusiastically watching the match.
Fast Let’s finish this fast.
Fondly I fondly remember my school days.
Frankly Frankly speaking, you were a little rude.
Gently Massage your head gently.
Happily You are happily enjoying the show.
Healthily It’s a very healthily cooked meal.
Hurriedly They were about to reach, so I hurriedly finished cleaning.
Innocently She innocently laughed at the boss.
Inquisitively Sanjay is reading this book inquisitively.
Kindly He kindly decided to forgive him.
Loudly They’re playing the music very loudly.
Mysteriously Why are you looking at me so mysteriously?
Naturally Naturally, we made a mistake.
Neatly It’s a very neatly kept kitchen.
Nervously He was nervously biting his nails.
Noisily They’re playing very noisily.
Obediently The kids listen to me obediently.
Patiently She draws very patiently.
Perfectly You always do your work perfectly.
Politely She talks so politely.
Powerfully He presents so powerfully.
Quickly Let’s finish this quickly.
Reluctantly He reluctantly said yes.
Repeatedly I keep watching the same movies repeatedly.
Safely We need to move this safely from this room to the other.
Shyly The girl was dancing very shyly.
Silently He was silently listening to their conversation.
Slowly Why do you walk so slowly?
Softly Please talk softly; the kids are sleeping.
Suspiciously They were checking the room suspiciously.
Well You have learnt this well.