Adverbs that describe ‘a degree’

Extremely I am extremely happy about this.
Quite You seem quite confident about your decision.
Just I just don’t like being late.
Almost My work is almost done; I will leave in an hour.
Very Rohit and Priya are very excited about this trip.
Too I, too, am looking forward to it.
Enough Does this suit look formal enough for this party.
Absolutely Are you absolutely sure?
Barely I barely know Susan.
Completely This is completely true.
Entirely Your team is entirely dependent on you.
Greatly Your health has greatly improved.
Hardly There is hardly any sugar left; please get a new packet.
Highly I highly appreciate your efforts.
Incredibly We all had an incredibly exciting trip.
Intensely It’s a very intensely designed program.
Least Bhuvan seems least interested in this project.
Less This work is less urgent than the other.
Little My cousin is a little worried about his result.
Lots There is lots to do at work today.
Most I am most interested in Anushka’s performance.
Much There is not much in common between us.
Nearly You are not nearly as serious as Vikram.
Perfectly This looks like a perfectly designed house.
Practically It is practically impossible to complete this task.
Pretty We are pretty happy with this furniture.
Purely This was purely his decision.
Rather I would rather have a cup of tea than coffee.
Really The company is doing really great.
Simply It’s a very simply written book.
So You are so nice.
Somewhat They are somewhat disappointed with this decision.
Strongly I strongly recommend that you give it a second thought.
Terribly I am terribly sorry about this.
Thoroughly I have thoroughly read the instructions.
Totally He is totally insane.
Utterly They are utterly disappointed with the team.
Virtually We tried virtually everything to get this working.