Active Voice / Passive Voice

In Active voice – the focus is on – what the subject – was, is, or will do.


  • She ate the apple.
  • They will complete the painting tomorrow.
  • She is treating her patients.

In Passive voice – the focus is on – the action – or – what is, was, or will be done – to the Subject.


  • The apple was eaten by her.
  • The painting will be completed by them tomorrow.
  • The patients are being treated by her.

When converting Active to Passive .

1. The Object becomes the Subject.

2. Different forms of the verb – ‘be’ are added (forms of be – is, was, will be, being, been)

3. Verb takes the past participle form.

NOTE: Active to Passive can only be done with transitive verbs, since OBJECT becomes SUBJECT.


Active Voice – We are processing your payment.

Passive Voice – Your payment is being processed by us.

Active Voice – We have sent an email to your ID.

Passive Voice – An email has been sent to your ID by us.

Active Voice – They told me to come.

Passive Voice – I was told to come by them.