WORD – 30

Zero in on .

To zero in on something means – to decide to pay your full attention to it, especially after considering all other possible options or alternatives.

Examples .

  • Before we zero in on a career path, we should consider all possible options.
  • After auditioning 50 applicants, the director has zeroed in on 3 actors for final auditions.

WHEN and HOW to use this phrasal verb.

When you’re talking about giving complete attention to a particular person or thing.

Examples .

  • They interviewed 50 candidates, but they have zeroed in on 5.
  • We discussed many ideas in the meeting; finally we have zeroed in on top 3 that we want to implement.
  • You had so many options, have you zeroed in on something?
  • We all have many career opportunities, but ultimately we have to zero in on one of them.