WORD – 50

Biased .

Bias refers to the action or state of having an unfair judgement, like or dislike for someone or something based on personal opinions.

When something or someone is biased, it means that they are unfair and partial.

Examples .

  • Everyone thinks that – because Chetan is your friend, you will be biased towards him.
  • Some teachers are biased towards their favourite students in class.
  • People think that the jury was forced to submit a biased report in favour of the millionaire’s son.

WHEN & HOW to use this word .

1. When you are talking about someone being partial and unfair.

Examples .

  • He is being biased.
  • Don’t be biased!

2. When you are talking about something that is unfair and partial.

Examples .

  • His decision was biased.
  • Their report is biased.