WORD – 48

Capitalize on .

To capitalize on something means to take advantage of it and use it for your benefit.

Examples .

  • Since you have a lot of experience in this field, you should definitely capitalize on that to impress the interviewers.
  • My MBA projects and internship have taught me how to capitalize on every skill that I have,in order to succeed at work.
  • He is the greatest businessman of this country; he knows how to capitalize on every possible opportunity.

WHEN & HOW to use this word.

When you are talking about taking advantage of something and using it for your benefit.

Examples .

  • You have to capitalize on this resource.
  • You have an amazing ability to connect with people; you should capitalize on this strength of yours  to complete your research.
  • Your team believes in you; you need to capitalize on that trust to make some positive changes in the way they work.
  • How do you plan to capitalize on this opportunity?