WORD – 43

Manipulate .

To manipulate means to skilfully manage, control or influence someone or something  in an unfair manner.


  • The robbers manipulated the security guard to get the key to the back door.
  • Most companies have security software to prevent people from manipulating their accounts.
  • Some students broke into the staff room and tried to manipulate with the final exam scores.

WHEN & HOW to use this word .

When you are talking about someone influencing, controlling or managing something or someone in an unfair manner.


  • I think someone manipulated this data.
  • How to ensure that no one manipulates the records?
  • Don’t you see, they are trying to manipulate you! Please be careful.
  • Nobody can manipulate her; she is a very sharp and ethical woman.
  • Don’t let yourself be manipulated by someone.