WORD – 39

Commute .

To commute means to travel a certain distance from home to work, regularly.

Examples .

  • When you are posted to a new city, finding the best way to commute to work is the most difficult task.
  • I have to commute around 25 km to work everyday.
  • She likes to read a book during her morning commute.
  • Most people in India use public transport to commute to work everyday.

WHEN & HOW to use this word.

1. When you are talking about someone travelling from home to work on a regular basis.

Examples .

  • How do you commute?
  • We can arrange an office cab for your commute.
  • Commuting by a metro is much faster than commuting by your own vehicle.
  • I commute to work by bus.
  • How was your commute?