WORD – 37

Holistic .

When something is holistic, it means that it includes the ‘whole’ of something and is complete.

Examples .

  • Boarding schools provide an environment that takes care of, – students’ holistic learning and development needs.
  • They say that it is hard to take a holistic approach to eradicate corruption, that’s why they are taking one step at a time.
  • This doctor will give you a holistic plan on how to improve your health and fitness levels; it would include nutrition, diet, exercise and some lifestyle changes.

WHEN & HOW to use this word .

1. When you are talking about something that includes the ‘whole’ of something and is complete.

Examples .

  • Please prepare a document that represents a holistic view of this plan.
  • I hope you’re taking a holistic approach to resolve this problem.
  • The strategy needs to be thorough and holistic if you want to see results.
  • This is a perfect program if you want to develop communication skills in a holistic manner.