WORD – 36

Candid .

When someone or something is candid, it means that they are honest and straightforward.

Examples .

  • Some people have a natural tendency to be candid every time.
  • No one likes to be candid about their own weaknesses.
  • Prime Minister’s candid messages to the public are what getting him their support.

WHEN & HOW to use this word .

1. When you are talking about someone being honest and straightforward.

Examples .

  • You have to be candid when talking to your team, especially when giving feedback.
  • I request all of you to be absolutely candid in this meeting.

2. When you are talking about something that is honestly done and is straightforward.

Examples .

  • He gave a candid response when I asked him about his performance.
  • You have to give a candid speech,if you really want to connect with your people and motivate them.