WORD – 32

Authentic .

To be authentic means – to be real, genuine, true and not copied.


  • Passionate art collectors always get an expert to have a look at their newly bought paintings, just to check whether they are authentic or copied.
  • There are very few restaurants in this city that give authentic Italian food.
  • Some small clothing manufacturers copy the designs of famous brands so accurately, that you cannot tell the difference between an authentic Levis jeans and a fake Levis jeans.

WHEN & HOW to use this word .

1. When you are talking about something being real and genuine.

Examples .

  • Is this document authentic? It doesn’t have a seal.
  • Before we take an action, we have to check if all this information is authentic.

2. When you are talking about someone being who they really are, being true to their nature, and being completely themselves.


  • If you want to be a powerful leader, you have to be authentic. Nobody likes to follow a leader who copies things from others.
  • Learn from others, but don’t try to become them. Be authentic!