C-Level executives

C-Level executives.

The C-level or C-suite executives is a collective term – given to the most important senior executives of an organization, whose titles start with – the letter ‘C’.

These are the people responsible for – making all the important business decisions, smooth functioning and overall success of an organization.

For example .

CEO stands for – Chief Executive Officer .

The CEO is the highest level executive and the face of the company. The CEO is primarily responsible for making all the corporate decisions.

CFO stands for – Chief Financial Officer .

The CFO is responsible for – all the financial matters and gives advice to the CEO for making important decisions, while ensuring least financial risk to the company.

CMO stands for – Chief Marketing Officer .

The CMO is the highest authority – for all the  marketing related activities and decisions.

COO stands for – Chief Operating Officer .

The COO is the highest authority – responsible for all the human resource management activities and decisions.