The most important words for Professional Communication

The most important words for Professional Communication are –.

1. Please .

Give respect to others and say please whenever you can.

Examples .

  • Could you please send me a mail regarding this?
  • Can you please call me later?
  • Please be on time.
  • May I borrow this pen, please?

2. Thank you .

Be grateful and say thank you whenever someone is kind to you.

Examples .

  • Thank you for calling back!
  • Thanks a lot for this update!
  • Thanks for the mail.
  • Thank you so much for all your help!

3. Sorry .

Apologize and say sorry whenever you think you might have caused someone any inconvenience.

Examples .

  • I am sorry for being a little late; I was stuck in traffic.
  • I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Sorry for the confusion.
  • I am sorry I can’t talk right now, can I call you back later?

4. Excuse me .

Use this phrase when you want –

  • To interrupt politely.
  • To get someone’s attention. or
  • To be excused.


  • Excuse me, do you know the way to the cafeteria?
  • Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but can I please add something here?
  • Excuse me, can you give me two copies of form A, please?
  • Please excuse me for a few minutes, I have to take this call. I’ll be back.