Organize your Inbox

Organize your Inbox using these simple tips – .

1. Create labels or folders .

To make your inbox more organized, you can create labels or folders for common categories like – Personal, Family, Work, Urgent, etc. and then move your emails to their respective folders. This would help you find your emails easily, when you search for an older email at a later date.

2. Mark important emails .

You can mark certain emails — ‘important’. Whenever you mark an email important, every new email that you receive from the same sender automatically gets marked important as well. So that you don’t have to mark those emails every time. Plus, this would also help simply your search for important emails in your inbox.

3. Filter unnecessary emails .

If your inbox receives a lot of unnecessary emails, you can change the settings in such a way that certain emails completely skip your inbox, and are archived in another folder, which can be viewed anytime later, whenever you want.