WORD – 8

Improvise .

To improvise means – to do something without preparation or without adequate resources.

When something is improvised, it means that – it is done without prior preparation or without adequate/appropriate resources.

Examples .

  • The job of a stand-up comedian is to improvise new jokes depending on the mood of the audience.
  • In villages, schools use the shade of a tree as improvised classrooms.

WHEN and HOW to use this word – .

1. When you’re talking about an event or performance where something new is created or added without prior planning or preparation.

Examples .

  • Their dancers were late, so we had to improvise a song performance in place of the dance.
  • I will have to improvise a presentation since my manager is on a sick leave.

2. When talking about creating something by making use of whatever resources are available.


  • They may not provide everything, so be ready to improvise.
  • Don’t worry, we’ll improvise something.