Handling a call

When calling on a mobile – .

Example .

Simi: Hello, am I speaking with Abhinav?

Abhinav: Yes, this is Abhinav.

Simi: Hi Abhinav, I’m Simi from Live Leadership.

Abhinav: Hi Simi, what is this regarding?

Simi: This is regarding the new program that you enquired about.

Abhinav: Oh yes, tell me.

When calling on a landline – .


Simi:      Hello, can I speak with Abhinav, please?

Receptionist:  Abhinav sir is in a meeting right now. May I know who’s calling?

Simi:      Yes, I am Simi from Live Leadership.

                Could you tell me by what time he will be free?

Receptionist: I am not sure Simi.

                         May be by 5.

                         Would you like to leave a message?

Simi:       Ok. Could you please just let him know that the new program he had enquired about is now available.

Receptionist: Sure. Anything else?

Simi:       No thats it. Thank you so much!