Framing a question correctly

Questions usually start with – either ‘interrogative pronouns’ or ‘adverbs’ like – .

What, Who, Which, How, Where, etc.

But, when your question is related to some kind of – ‘mental or physical action‘, then the question can start with ‘helping verbs‘ like –.

Do, Did, Can, Could, Will, Would, Is, Are, etc.

When framing a question, the ‘HELPING VERB’ comes BEFORE the ‘SUBJECT’.


Correct Question – Where can I get this information?

Incorrect question – Where I can get this information?

Correct QuestionDid I say something wrong?

Incorrect question – I said something wrong?

Correct QuestionDid he do that?

Incorrect question – He did that?

Correct Question – What are you saying?

Incorrect question – What you are saying?