Final review

Before you click ‘send’, always do a quick final review of your email.

Following is a list of points you should check – .

To . – Is this person the main recipient of this email?

Cc . – Have you marked a copy to all and only the necessary people?

Bcc . – Are these the people whose email IDs you wish to keep hidden from the rest?

Subject . – Is your subject brief, accurate and specific?

Salutation & Name . – Use the most appropriate salutation and check the spelling of the name of the person.

Body . – Is the content body organized and easy to understand? Make sure that paragraphs are short and bullets & numbering are used wherever required.

Closing line . – Is it appropriate enough? Is this how you wish to end this email?

Attachments . – Have you attached all the necessary documents in the correct order?

After checking everything, Click Send!