Doing a recap/summarizing

Recap .

Examples .

  • Let’s go through the main points quickly.
  • Let’s run through the main points again.
  • Let’s do a quick recap of what we have discussed so far.

Summary .

Examples .

  • To sum up.
  • To summarize.
  • To sum it up.

Discussion Example .

Richard: Karan, let’s just summarize now.

Karan: Sure sir.

                So, to sum up – .

                1. Team A will be handling the new project. Everybody else will support them.

                2. The deadline is Dec 20th.

                3. The details of the project will be mailed to everyone.

                4. Ravi is incharge of internal communication. So, in case of any questions, we can all contact him.

                5. The next meeting will be on Monday at 9 am sharp, in which we will discuss the progress of this project.

                That’s it for now, I guess.

                Richard, would you like to add something?

Richard: No Ravi, I think you covered everything.

                 So, thank you all for coming.

                 Let’s meet again on Monday.