Conveyance / Convenience

C O N V E Y A N C E  –  Conveyance  –  refers to a means of transport, like a car, bus, train, etc.

C O N V E N I E N C E  –  Convenience  –  refers to ease and comfort.

C O N V I N C E  –  Convince  –  means to successfully influence someone to believe and/or do something.


Conveyance .

Shared cabs are the cheapest conveyance available today.

He can’t come; he doesn’t have any money for conveyance.

Convenience .

Online railway booking option is for our own convenience.

For your convenience, I am sending you a route map from the airport to our office.

Convince .

A master salesman can convince anyone to buy a product.

He loves his work so much that nobody can convince him to take a leave even when he’s sick.