Capitalization of Proper Nouns

‘Proper Nouns’ are names of – ‘specific’ people, places, and things.

The most important ‘capitalization rules’ for Proper Nouns are –

1. The ‘first letter’ of every Proper Noun is always capitalized.


  • They work with  Microsoft.
  • I just bought a  Mercedes.
  • He lives in  Delhi.

2. In case of Proper Nouns that consist of more than one word, the ‘first letters’ of all the ‘noun’ words in the name are capitalized.


  • We are talking about  ‘the United States of America’.
  • I am studying at  ‘Indian Institute of Technology’.
  • ‘Indian School of Business’  is the best business school in India.
  • My flight is from  ‘New Delhi’.

3. In the case of – ‘Names of people’ – The ‘first letters’ of all the words in a name are capitalized


  • We just met  ‘Dr. Ravi Shankar’.
  • They have invited  Mr. Ajay Krishna  as a guest speaker.
  • ‘Mrs. Shweta Kapoor’  is the CEO of their company.