Cancelling an appointment

When talking to the person directly .

Example 1 .

Ravi, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to meet you today,

I have just been assigned some urgent work.

Can we meet on Friday instead?

Example 2 .

Ravi, I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel our meeting which was scheduled for 11 am tomorrow.

Actually, I have just been assigned some urgent work,

so, can we meet sometime later this week?

Asking someone to cancel an appointment on your behalf .


Sammy, I would like to cancel my appointment with Richard, which was scheduled for 11 am on 22nd Jan.

Please tell him that I am very sorry for this last minute cancellation; but, something urgent has come up that requires my immediate attention;

also, tell him that I’ll fix another meeting as soon as I am done taking care of this urgent matter.